What is an apprenticeship?

The big question!

An Apprenticeship, for all intents and purposes, is on the job learning with additional training and assessment. This means that you, as the employer, would be free to train your Apprentice in the way that is suitable for you and your business. Your Apprentice would be gaining a nationally recognised qualification, while at the same time learning the ins and outs of the industry they work in. As an Apprentice, they would be entitled to a wage and paid holidays, just like any other employee. Apprenticeships are an excellent way for young people to gain practical experience, skills and knowledge which can be implemented straight into your workplace.

Although there is still a need for university graduates within certain industries, the idea of degrees being a necessity is fading, with employers identifying that those who have experience in an office/vocational environment and knowledge of the industry they are working in is ultimately more valuable to their business’s needs. A 3aaa Apprenticeship involves both on the job learning and academic learning within one of our local academies. By being equipped with both practical and academic skill sets means an Apprentice will be more of an expert in that particular field than any university graduate could be, making them the perfect all round employee.

How to recruit an apprentice

Taking on an Apprentice with 3aaa is a straight
forward and hassle free process


The many benefits of hiring an Apprentice

Research shows that over 96% of employers believe that an Apprentice has benefitted their business in one way or another. With statistics like this, it is clear that Apprenticeships can be a great help in driving your business to success. We are committed to helping you find talented Apprentices as you look to build the pipeline of your future work place.

Our committed team of recruitment executives will take the time to get to know you and your business needs to ensure that you are matched with the best possible candidate. We ultimately want longevity in the partnership between you and your Apprentice, even after the course is complete, and so we are at hand through every step of your journey to help with any issues or queries you may have. Here are some key benefits of hiring an Apprentice:

  • Increased quality of staff

  • Increased staff loyalty

  • Positive investment

With a 3aaa Apprenticeship, we can cater our courses to fit your business needs, so your Apprentice will never be learning skills that aren’t applicable to their job. We work with only the most enthusiastic and passionate young people local to you, who want to take their first steps into the career of their dreams within your organisation. It is an ideal situation to mould young people into the employees that you need whilst engraining your company ethos and mentality within them. If you would like to know more about the benefits of taking on a 3aaa Apprentice, contact your local academy or call us on 0844 504 3174.

Case Studies

see how businesses have benefited from an apprentice

  • Onyx Accountants
  • Home Leisure Direct
  • Connexica

Key Figures

The numbers that matter to you

  • Wage

    £3.40 p/hr min

  • Course Length

    Lvl 3 - 12 months*

  • Value of training

    £4,000 - £8,000

  • Value of recruitment


3aaa cover both the costs of recruitment and training, so you can be rest assured that we will find the perfect Apprentice for you with no hidden costs.

Through industry led training and assessment, a 3aaa Apprentice will gain a nationally recognised qualification that is the equivalent of a foundation degree by the end of their programme.

Your businesss could qualify for funding up to £5000*