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Now that you have read some more information about our courses, you may be thinking – just how much will taking on an Apprentice cost me?

At 3aaa, the cost of our training and recruitment that are involved in your Apprenticeship journey is fully or partially covered. The estimated value of this fully funded government training is £8000 and the recruitment support is valued at over £2000.

The breakdown of how the funding works is as follows:

In England, training for 16-18 year olds is fully funded with training for 19-23 year olds being partially funded. You can discuss this is more detail with your local Recruitment Executive.

Key Figures

The figures that matter to you

  • A minimum of £3.30 per hour (although you may choose to pay more). This is for a minimum of 30 hours per week with a maximum of 40 hours per week.
  • If you employ an Apprentice, they work 30 hours a week and you are entitled to the AGE Grant (see below), it will cost you just £304 per Month
  • A maximum of 2 years for Level 3 progression onto Level 4. A maximum of 12 months if it decided that the Apprentice will only do Level 3.
  • Estimated value of training is £8000 and recruitment support is valued at over £2000. The cost of this outstanding training and recruitment is covered.


Key Information

When recruiting a 3aaa Apprentice, you could be eligible for a grant of £1500 to support you with your Apprentice. The AGE Grant is offered by the government to Employers who fit the following criteria:

- Your Apprentice is aged 16-24 years

- Your business is based in England and has 50 or fewer employees

- Your Apprentice is the first your business has hired, or the first for 12 months or longer

You can claim the AGE Grant for up to 5 Apprentices if they are all employed at the same time. Please be aware that the above may not include all areas of the country, with the following areas having their own processes in place:

These local initiatives have their own individual criteria and additional incentives and are offered by the local authorities themselves. You can discuss your own region’s policy in more detail with our teams across the country.

To find out how to claim and receive your AGE grant, contact your local recruitment executives to discuss this in more detail – our teams are on hand to explain this in more detail and to support you every step of the way, including the handling the grant process.

IT Trailblazers Grant

Above the AGE Grant, any employer who puts an Apprentice through a Trailblazer Apprenticeship, again subject to criteria, may be entitled to incentive payments of up to £10,800 to cover the cost of the Apprenticeship training. This differs to the current ‘free’ training provided as employers have to contribute to the cost of the training