How Can 3aaa Apprenticeships Help Your School?

As young people around the country begin to plan their next steps after school, it is vital that they are informed about all the options available to ensure they follow the correct career path for them.

3aaa Apprenticeships are a Grade 1 Ofsted Outstanding accredited training provider of Apprenticeships in a range of professional services career options, specialising in Technology, Digital Marketing, Accountancy and Business Administration. Our Apprenticeship courses give an invaluable alternative to the traditional post-16 educational route of sixth form then University.

From leaving school and embarking on a Level 3 course (equivalent to 3x A Levels) to gaining their Master’s Degree accreditation on a Level 7 course, each stage of the 3aaa Apprenticeship journey acts as a stepping stone in the individual’s career path with externally accredited qualifications ensuring they gain the knowledge and experience that matters in industry.

Our wide range of Apprenticeship subjects and levels ensure continued professional development and that the individual is qualified for a prosperous career in their chosen profession.

  • Teachers and education leaders’ play a significant role in their students decision making when it comes to the next step. We will work with you to provide unbiased support, advice and guidance to your students as they embark on their next journey.

What 3aaa Apprenticeships can offer to your school?

  • Career Talks
  • Our industry-experienced team can discuss career options with your students where needed. We will inform students and their parents of the benefits for each career route available and advise on their best option.
  • Information, Advice and Guidance Workshops
  • During our IAG workshops, we advise students on navigating their career pathway, finding out what career would suit their individual skill set and personal qualities. We follow this with unbiased discussions on the best educational route for them.
  • Mock Interviews
  • We conduct mock interviews with students from Key Stage 4 onwards to develop interview skills and techniques that will both calm initial nerves and fears and ensure your students are prepared for this pivotal stage when starting their career.
  • Updates
  • Your local 3aaa Apprenticeship academy will keep you up to date with how the Apprenticeship industry is changing and how we are continuing to support the next generation of young professionals as they embark on their careers.
  • Attendance To Events
  • 3aaa Apprenticeships have industry experts who can be booked for attendance at events. They can discuss further education options and provide industry knowledge to students and their parent or guardian and provide career support to students.
  • Life Skills
  • We will support students with CV writing, assist in developing presentation and interview skills and techniques, help them to understand how to conduct themselves in professional working environments and build on their confidence.

The 3aaa Apprenticeship Promise

In November 2014, we were awarded ‘Grade 1’ Outstanding across all areas during an inspection by Ofsted. We were the first training provider to achieve Ofsted Outstanding accredited in all areas on first inspection and are, to date, only 1 of 4 to achieve this.

We are dedicated to helping develop England’s future workforce as they embark upon their career journey. We offer all individuals the 3aaa Apprenticeship Promise and ensure they receive the best possible information, advice, guidance, training and mentoring to succeed in their career.

  • Learning

    Our supportive, industry experienced team will give the young people all of the knowledge and skills that they require to excel in their Apprenticeship.
  • Guidance

    We provide our young people with industry leading knowledge and teach them valuable employability skills.
  • Progression

    We provide our young people with real career progression opportunities by placing them with an Employer that fits their skills and personality
  • Employability

    We provide our young people with outstanding employability skills so that they are equipped to impress in their interviews.