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At 3aaa, we specialise in the delivery of the Level 3 Web & Social Media Apprenticeship. We combine these vital, modern sectors to deliver a truly diverse programme in which you will learn a range of different skills such as Social Media, Content Management, Digital Marketing and Web Development so that you are fully equipped to meet the needs of your employer.

This Apprenticeship will put you at the forefront of ever-changing technologies and ensure that you become pivotal by maximising your employer’s online presence through the power of SEO and Social Media.

If you are interested in starting an Apprenticeship that will give you the cutting edge in a world where technology is constantly evolving.

key facts

simple facts you need to know

  • Lvl 3 Web & Social Media Apprenticeship
  • 12monthsCourse length
  • 4weeks3aaa Academy training
  • £3.30per hourMinimum Apprentice Wage

technical details

the important stuff

How will my training be delivered?
Your training for this Apprenticeship will be 2 weeks delivery as a boot camp (schedule subject to your local academy) from Monday to Thursday per week.
There will also be an additional 14 day release as per the current Web and Social Media delivery (as agreed with Employer and Apprentice).
Course Length:
- Minimum of 12 months – progressing onto Level 4 at our discretion.
- Fully funded
Entry Requirements
- To be aged 16 – 23 years old*
- Ideally have 4 GCSE’s – Grade C and above.
- Preferably English, Maths and ICT GCSE – Minimum of Grade C or equivalent.
- 3 Years EU residency
*Due to limited availability for those aged 24 years and above, please call us for a chat about career options.
You will work towards...
- Level 3 Web & Social Media Apprenticeship
What skills will I gain?
- Web Fundamentals (Level 2)
- Communication and Employment Skills (Level 3)
- E-Commerce(Level 3)
- Web Development ( Level 3)
- Health and Safety (Level 1)
- Develop Professionalism (Level 3)
- Interpersonal and Written (Level 3)
- Designing Website (Level 4)
- Website Software (Level 3)
- Imaging Software (Level 3)
Additional Units
- Principles of Social Media
- Keywords & Optimisation
- Content Management
- Advertising & Promotion

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did you know?

apprenticeship facts

  • 90% of Apprentices stay in employment after the end of their Apprenticeships.
  • On average Apprentices earn over £100,000 more than graduates in their life time.
  • There has never been a better time to start an Apprenticeship

level 4 progression

don't stop at level 3

Upon completion of your Level 3 Apprenticeship, you will then move onto our Advanced Level 4 Apprenticeship.

There are excellent progression routes available to you as you move onto a Level 4 qualification. After completing your dual Level 3 qualification, you will then have the choice of Level 4 Technology or Level 4 Digital Marketing, depending on which direction you would like to take your career.

The Level 4 qualification will be a further 12 month course where you shall learn more about chosen sector. Contact a member of the 3aaa team to find out more about your progression option. Our Level 4 programmes in both Technology and Digital Marketing are equivalent to a foundation degree or a higher education diploma.

Please speak to a member of the 3aaa team to discuss your progression.

The Promise

we're here to help

  • Learning

    Our supportive, industry experienced team will provide you with an outstanding learning experience.
  • Guidance

    We will provide you with industry leading information, advice and guidance.
  • Progression

    We will provide you with real career progression opportunities with innovative, forward thinking employers.
  • Employability

    We will provide you with the skills to help improve your employability including interview and CV workshops.

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