October 9th 2015

Frazer Ash

Web & Social Media – 3aaa
“What separates design from art is that design is meant to be… functional.”

Before being an apprentice at 3aaa I was studying software development at college doing a btec qualification for one and a half years since I had left school which I gained a 90 level diploma at the end, this included things like programming, taking pcs apart learning about the components and making a simple html website. The classes included around 20 students with one lecturer which made it hard to come round to everyone which made it much harder to learn. I had done this course

When talking about career options at college the main focus was to get the majority of students to apply for UNI writing up the UCAS application, from school I had never desired to go to University as I felt like id learn more experience in a job environment. Half way through my second year of college lecturers didn’t turn up for numerous of classes which started making it hard to get the work completed, at that point I started looking Into IT apprenticeships which is how I discovered 3aaa.

Apprenticeship Begins:

After doing web for 10 months I have gained a lot of experience being able to code in quite a few different languages including html, css, php and started using jQuery and includes starting to work with databases as of the one to one training I have had with experienced web developers I have enjoyed being able to design and help with multiple things which includes 3aas website and apprentice career.

At the start of the apprenticeship I had no idea how to code properly as the classes in college had to many students for the amount of lecturers which made it difficult to learn and understand. By using working with computers in a daily basis this has improved my skills with using various different programs which ranges from Dreamweaver to illustrator which I do use at home when required for things such as image editing and when completing documents for my academy work.

By being a part of an apprenticeships some of the benefits which I have gained from this has been that I have been earning while having the training which is required for me to succeed in the job role this has included the qualification in which I will gain me a level 3 qualification which has been paid for by the business.


With the experience I have gained through the apprenticeship and being able to develop and help maintain numerous websites this has given me more experience giving the advantage upon the amount of things I can do by using the software which is required. By being able to create things this has given me a lot more enjoyment in what I am doing being able to visually make a difference so the message spreads in the best way possible.

I am enjoying what I am currently doing in the business being able to design websites and I hopefully will be able to continue gaining more and more experience so that I can become a web developer hoping to make as many websites as possible to build up my portfolio. By being a part of 3aaa this has built up my confidence not only working with multiple people on a day to day basis but has given me a skill which I never thought or new id ever have which will hopefully lead to a future in the industry continuing developing.