September 30th 2015


3aaa Gloucester

The team at Gloucester received a very special visitor this week in the form of Conservative MP, Richard Graham.

The meeting, which aimed to give Richard an insight into the world of 3aaa and its aims and ambitions for the young people of Gloucester, was a huge success. After receiving a tour of the academy and being told of the great job opportunities and courses that are on offer, he was quick to offer his support to the academy and help in any way he could.

By recognising the importance of IT for local businesses and the benefits an IT Apprentice can have for a company, Graham offered to promote 3aaa and its IT vacancies on his party’s Facebook page, along with promoting IT and its importance more generally. To promote the Gloucester team further he has offered to introduce the academy to his link at the Gloucestershire Citizen, who will print at least one good news story for the Gloucester academy.

Further to promoting the academy, Graham offered personal introductions some of the major employers in Gloucester, including a range of business in the city such as EDF, NHS and Unilever. To further expand the Gloucester academy’s network of employers, he also invited them to attend the Gloucester Opportunities Fair in November which will enable the team to find potential employers. He will also be able to market us to anyone who enters his offices or that he is visiting.

By gaining the support of such a prominent and influential person in the local community, Gloucester will indeed be in high demand with local employers, allowing them the opportunity to bring life changing opportunities to the numerous aspirational young people of Gloucester.

You’ll now find a 3aaa Academy in Bedford, Birmingham, Blackburn, Bradford, Brighton, Bristol, Cambridge, Chelmsford, Croydon, Derby, Gloucester, Guildford, Leeds, Leicester, Liverpool, London, Maidstone, Manchester, Milton Keynes, Newcastle, Northampton, Norwich, Nottingham, Oxford, Peterborough, Reading, Romford, Sheffield, Southampton, Stoke, Swindon, Tamworth, Warwick, Watford, Worcester and York.

Academies will soon be opening in Exeter, Hull, Middlesbrough and Wolverhampton.

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