June 17th 2016

Going above and beyond

Our Recruitment Executives always go the extra mile to make sure our potential apprentices get their dream placement but last week James Stafford from our Derby academy truly went above and beyond to help Josh find the perfect job.

In James’ words this is how it happened….

“I had a client meeting with a company called The Review Business last Friday at 11am. After explaining the programme and speaking about some potential candidates I came back to the office to start writing up a job description.

At 1.25pm, I called an applicant called Josh (who had previously been rejected for 4 other roles) and asked him if he would like to be considered. He said yes, so I called the client and looked to arrange a time/date. The client told me that they were leaving at 2.30pm but could see him at 2pm, giving only 35 minutes for him to get ready and get to the business. There was no way he would have enough time to catch the bus so after Josh had agreed for me to pick him up. I grabbed my keys and ran to the car…in the middle of a thunderstorm. My suit was drenched and I proceeded to call Josh’s mum as I sat in the car. With Josh being 17, she provided me with written permission for me to take him, so I headed down to Chellaston on Osmaston Road. I got Josh there for just gone 2pm, and first thing Monday morning, Josh was offered the role of Apprentice Developer.

I’m proud of this story as I feel that most Recruitment Executive’s would have just waited till next week and may have missed the opportunity. My suit smelled like wet dog but hey – he got the job.”