September 10th 2015

The two Aiden’s of Bedford!

3aaa Bedford

“I wish I’d learnt about Apprenticeships sooner, I’d recommend it to anyone!” – Aiden Gregory IT Level 3 Apprentice

When deciding on his future career, Aiden thought that university was the only option. He had always enjoyed ICT at school and so believed that his future was destined to be in IT. During his time at sixth form, Bedford’s Apprentice intake, Sharna Raine, led an assembly presentation describing the benefits and opportunities which can be open to those who consider an Apprenticeship.

After a short term in sixth form, and after speaking to his careers advisor at Harlington Upper School about the possibilities of switching to an Apprenticeship, Aiden’s first meeting at Bedford academy was a roaring success and after discussing his IT options with Sharna, he spent time embracing all the opportunities the academy had to offer. After sitting in one of the IT training rooms, with Apprentices already in learning, his enthusiasm was sparked and he quickly went home to discuss some of the available roles with his parents.

Aiden’s first impressions instantly swayed him to switch to an Apprenticeship, and he had this to say about his experience, “The training had more than exceeded my expectations. I am really enjoying the work and the environment in the academy. I’m also getting a chance to earn which I wouldn’t have been able to do in sixth form! It’s allowed me to go on holiday and save up to get a car!”

He is now working as an IT Technician at ONI plc in Luton, and is loving every single bit of it!

“My time here has really helped me overcome my nerves!” – Aiden Kynoch IT Level 3 Apprentice

After determining that university wasn’t for him, Aiden Kynoch, who had long been an IT enthusiast, began to explore other options to fulfil his dream of beginning a career in IT.

Aiden studied at Mark Rutherford School in Bedford, however he knew early on that he wanted the opportunity to learn while he earned. Before discovering all the possibilities that came with beginning an Apprenticeship with 3aaa, Aiden believed that Apprenticeships were solely for careers in building and construction. However, after a school visit from 3aaa Bedford’s Sharna Raine, his opinion was completely altered. She emphasised how an Apprenticeship with 3aaa could be the start of an amazing career with great prospects and outstanding training, all while earning a wage and gaining on the job experience. After discovering that he could carry out an IT Apprenticeship, the opportunity was too good to pass up.

Having never been to an interview of any kind in the past, Aiden was incredibly nervous about coming in to the academy for his initial interview. In order to make Aiden as comfortable and relaxed as possible, the team at Bedford Academy provided him with a great deal of help and guidance to put his mind at ease. After a visit to the academy open evening, and a number of conversations with the Bedford team, Aiden’s confidence levels soared and he managed to secure himself a job as an IT technician at Bedford’s St Thomas Moore School!

Aiden could not be happier with his new job and his time with 3aaa, “I have learned so much during my time here, with my manager and colleagues showing me the ropes. Since starting my Apprenticeship I’ve been able to save up for a brand new motorbike! Thanks to the academy team for all your help.”