June 4th 2015

‘My vision is now a reality’ – Lewis Whittick– Level 3 IT Apprentice

Ever dreamed of starting your very own career venture? Lewis Whittick, a Level 3 IT Apprentice from Chelmsford, has done just that and made his ambition clear from the outset. His flair for design and his entrepreneurial drive has led to him launching his own design and photography venture, Arte Magazine.

Lewis, who is 19 and working as a web designer in the Essex based IT company Ahead4, has thrived within his new role while also following his own initiatives outside of work hours by creating Arte Magazine. He commented “3aaa have opened doors for me which weren’t a possibility before. I had been trying to get into the design industry for a long time, but was met with a lot of rejection. After meeting with Luke, he took the time to really get to know me and understand my passion and ambition. I have been placed with a great employer who also supports me in pursuing my own project, Arte Magazine.

Over the past year we have been researching artists and designers that we think would be suitable for Arte content and have now got a list of over 100 people and projects that we would love to feature. The magazine, which celebrates minimalist photography and design, gives credit to these amazing artists who may not get the recognition they deserve. I can’t thank 3aaa enough for giving me this opportunity, my vision is now a reality”.

After beginning a sports Apprenticeship with a separate provider, it became apparent to Lewis that his passion lay with design and photography, a passion that the 3aaa team wanted to nurture.
After meeting with an advisor from 3aaa, Lewis was quickly paired with Ahead4, a local IT computing shop based in Wickford, Essex. During his time with his employer and the 3aaa academy, Lewis’ talents continued to grow and thrive. So much so that he is now launching his very own publication, with the help of his friend and business partner Adam Tyson.

When Lewis met with Luke Culling, apprentice intake for Chelmsford, he described how disheartened he had been applying for numerous design jobs but hearing nothing back. Luke dedicated much of his time and efforts to pairing Lewis with the perfect employer who would nurture his creative integrity.

Lewis was placed with his employer quickly after his first interview, and since then his talent for web design has excelled. In his first few months he has made a tremendous impression on the company, while also finding time after work and his studies to create Arte magazine.

Luke Culling, 3aaa Chelmsford’s lead Apprentice representative, could not be more pleased with how much Lewis has progressed within such a short space of time. He had this to say, “This is why I do the job that I do, to help ambitious young people like Lewis achieve great things. He has managed to create something really special off his own back and we expect more great things are just around the corner. Lewis is still looking for as much support as possible for Arte magazine, and we could not be happier to help”.