July 9th 2015

Izaak Crook – Level 3 Digital Marketing –Nottingham Academy – ‘Turning my passion into a real career’

When Izaak Crook left school and started to think about his options for the further, his mind was very clear – he wanted to turn his passion for Marketing and IT into a thriving career and he wasted no time in doing this. Izaak was adamant that he wanted to earn while he learnt real life working skills, giving him the head start over other young people with similar goals but no experience. Izaak touches about his Apprenticeship experience with 3aaa below:

Izaak said “I started my Apprenticeship in Social Media & digital marketing in October 2014, as I had a keen interest in creative writing and technology. I stumbled across 3aaa’s stand at an Apprenticeships/careers fair in Nottingham and the Digital Marketing course instantly caught my eye. I was looking for an alternative to university as I was still unsure about the path that I wanted to take to kick-start my career.

The Apprenticeship has given me a lot of insight into what I’d like to do as a future career. I have developed a keen interest in digital marketing and will pursue it further after my Apprenticeship.

My Apprenticeship has given me invaluable experience in working as part of a team to develop campaigns and strategies on social media, email marketing and more. I also got opportunities to develop my skills in graphic design as the business I work at, DW Design & Print, are a design agency for both web and print.

I feel like a valued member of the team, rather than just a cheap source of labour or a tea maker. I think this Apprenticeship has given me the experience I need to kick start a career in digital marketing.”