August 5th 2015

“How my Apprenticeship has made a difference” – Lauren Seal – Level 3 IT Apprentice

As an art and design enthusiast, Lauren believed her future would be art related. Never did she imagine that she would be working as an IT Apprentice. Through speaking with the team at Watford and explaining her passion for art, they managed to find her a role that both encompassed art and design while at the same time earning an IT qualification.

After leaving school, Lauren had no clear direction of what she wanted to do. University was not an appealing option and college was out of the running, which led to her calling 3aaa to discuss what options were open to her. She said “I hadn’t got a place at college and I didn’t like the concept of University. If you had told me this time last year that I would be doing an Apprenticeship in IT I would have never believed it. All through school I was looking into art and design. Yet somehow I have managed to find that within the IT Apprenticeship.”

Since starting her Apprenticeship almost a year ago, Lauren’s passion for IT has only grown. By finding a role that can encompass two of her greatest skills, the Watford team have given Lauren the opportunity needed to show her true potential, “The staff running the Apprenticeship (both the trainers and assessors) have been very welcoming, understanding, helpful and patient throughout the course and without them I doubt I’d be where I am now. I feel overall, this Apprenticeship has made me very independent and confident in what I want in the future-something I didn’t have when I first started.”

Julie Watts, Watford’s Academy Manager, and her dedicated team found the perfect employer for Lauren within just a couple of weeks, and Lauren could not be happier, “I feel over the last year, my Apprenticeship has given me a greater knowledge of IT equipment and systems which I was clueless to before. It has also given me a greater confidence in my work and day to day tasks. Through working with 3aaa I have managed to secure myself a job that I thoroughly enjoy-which I doubt I would have found if I was looking for a job on my own. I have made new connections within the industry and believe I have really found a place for myself within the company.”