October 29th 2015

“Coming here was the best move I have ever made”

David Koleczko IT Level 3 Apprentice

Having wanted to work within the IT sector for a long time, David decided that the best option for him was to embark on an IT Apprenticeship. The search was a long and difficult one, however once meeting with 3aaa his dream Apprenticeship was soon found.
Having completed his IT and Software development course at college, David went about his search for a training provider to better guide him in the right direction. David met with a number of training providers who offered little if any support, with a previous training provider promising him a placement within weeks but failing to deliver even 2 months down the line.

With false promises and a lack of support and guidance, David became disenchanted with his previous training provider, “My experience with them has been appalling. I was told by them personally I would get interview preparation, then attend a job interview and finish with an Apprenticeship after a week of being with them. Nevertheless, after two months of calling and waiting on false promises, I had nothing.”

Having previously stated they would find David an employer, ultimately they left him with no option but to look for his own employer, “They told me to look for my own Apprenticeship and let them know when I found one, but I was finding this very difficult. Eventually, I realised I had to find another training provider to help me find my dream IT career.”

After deciding to look into other training providers, David met with 3aaa, and was instantly blown away by how caring the Bristol team was, “When I first met 3aaa, my first impression was just stunning, wow! The workers there have been very nice and kind and what is most important is they have been very helpful and I really feel supported by them.”

The process moved along very quickly after the initial meeting, something which was a new experience for David. Within the first day of meeting with the team, David had be interviewed, invited back for job club to arrange an interview with his soon to be future employer, and was coached through some employability skills such as updating and improve his CV, along with practicing and preparing for his interview.

Within one week, David had gotten the dream Apprenticeship he had been looking for, “This all has happened within one week and they found me an Apprenticeship of my dreams! I am extremely excited to start and I cannot thank 3aaa enough.”
Catching up with David, he could not be more grateful for the time the 3aaa team spent with him preparing him for his interview, “I have had full support with the interview preparation questions and this was one of the best things I could receive, it gave me confidence within myself.”

Having had such a pleasant experience with 3aaa Bristol, David has done nothing but encourage others to pursue an Apprenticeship with 3aaa, “I am very happy and I could not receive better support and I encourage every student who wishes to take on an Apprenticeship to come here first rather than elsewhere, as they help change your life.”