October 20th 2014

3aaa and Riskex – Working together to change the lives of young people




Ever since the start of the partnership in October last year, 3aaa have enjoyed a successful relationship with Riskex, the market leading provider of software and cloud based systems for the UK who are based in Bedfordshire.

Riskex share 3aaa’s passion for wanting to develop the future generation of young professionals and believe that taking on Apprentices and giving them the chance to begin a career in IT is the best way to do this.

The Apprentices begin their journey in a 3aaa Academy studying towards their Level 3 Extended Diploma in ICT systems and principles, Level 3 Diploma in Professional Competence for IT and Telecoms Professional and Level 2 functional Skills in IT, Maths and English.

Harry Patel, Business Management and Head of Marketing at Riskex said “3aaa worked quickly and efficiently with us at a time where we were keen to take on an ambitious Apprentice with a vision of them progressing into software development. 3aaa took the time to find the right Apprentice that would not only fit the business but have the most impact on the company.”

“We proceeded by taking on our first Apprentice Chris Galvin as 1st line IT support to ease him into the business. As Chris was progressing through the company, this left a position open for another 1st line IT support, which was quickly taken up by another 3aaa Apprentice, Rohan George, who is progressing equally as well” He added.

Meet the Apprentices:

Christopher Galvin

“After finishing my A-Levels, I was unsure as to how to start my career and how I could try to utilise as much of my potential as possible. At first, I decided to go on to study at University, but later found out that this was not the best route for me. I then decided to look at apprenticeships within IT, where my passion lies and with the help of 3aaa’s Technology Apprenticeship programme, they we able to find a role best suited for me; an IT Systems Developer role working for Riskex.

At first I was very unsure as to what to expect from the job, company and my working colleagues. Being the first Apprentice here, I am sure Riskex were very unsure of what to expect from me! So it was a learning curve for us both. After a few weeks of working at Riskex, I started to feel less like an Apprentice and more like a full time employee. As my confidence grew and responsibilities increased, my level of technical expertise grew also.

An Apprenticeship with 3aaa and Riskex is very challenging, but the amount of support I have received to overcome the challenges has been fantastic. The Apprenticeship has allowed me to trial a variety of aspects of IT within a business environment and gain vital work experience.”

Rohan George

“After spending some time in higher education and contemplating University, I realised my efforts would be better spent in pursuing an Apprenticeship opportunity. As a more kinaesthetic learner, I believed an Apprenticeship would work well with my more hands on approach to tasks. After contacting and meeting with 3aaa, I was introduced to Riskex, a market leading provider of business solutions, software development systems; and cloud-based computing IT company, and after an interview I became the companies second IT Apprentice.

I didn’t know what to expect and was worried how my ‘Apprentice’ status would minimise the amount of input I would have on particular tasks within the business. With no real work experience in an IT environment, I was concerned that I would be underestimated and the tasks given to me would be fairly basic, but this was not the case as after training I was involved in the company’s IT process straight away.

Having been at Riskex a while now, a lot has happened and I now feel like an employee rather than an Apprentice. We have a great working environment, people who support my needs and I am constantly being challenged. My knowledge of IT is widening every day and I am very grateful to have an opportunity to work at Riskex where they invest so much time into the future of young people like myself.”


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3aaa Milton Keynes – Rebecca Brooks – Recruitment Executive

“Riskex have been one of the best Employers I have worked with. They are a successful company that understand the importance and benefits of taking on Apprentices to their business. They want to offer an Apprentice the best possible start in their career. They support, teach and nurture their Apprentices through the ranks and offer long term career prospects to the right candidate. This is exactly what Apprenticeships are about and I look forward to continuing the great partnership with a company that shares our beliefs”.