October 12th 2015


“The most important things for us in a candidate is their enthusiasm for IT, their willingness to learn and their ability to operate independently and flexibly.” Novus MSP

We contacted Novus about the possibility of taking on an IT Apprentice. The initial discussions were positive yet apprehensive as they have never employed Apprentices previously, although one of the current employees had completed an Apprenticeships before working for them.

As they were unsure of what an Apprentice could bring to their business in comparison to graduates, we introduced Novus to the idea of Traineeships. This also benefitted the applicant, as Novus work in an area of IT that’s very specialist and only one other company in the UK offer the same service.

There were 2 people who Colin Wilkinson (Apprentice Intake for Newcastle) had in mind for the Traineeship with Novus, Cameron and Kane. Cameron had been to quite a few interviews and was told each time – you have done very well but…..never a negative word of feedback, always positive so it was difficult for him to understand how to improve.

Kane had never been interviewed before and was looking for an Apprenticeship that would really push/test him so he could develop within the IT industry.

After attending training with the Newcastle academy they started their 7 week Traineeship placement. Due to the support they received in centre the 2 trainees hit the ground running. They had both researched their employer and understood the values needed to be successful. After 4 weeks on placement the 2 trainee were offered an Apprenticeship to start immediately after their placements. 2 weeks later they started their Apprenticeship as Novus did not want to wait any longer to get them employed after they had impressed so much. During the work placement, Novus had been supporting both trainees towards Microsoft qualifications.

Following on from the success of the IT trainees into Apprenticeships, Novus had an opportunity for a Digital Marketing role. After interviewing they could not decide whether to employer Chelsey or Courtney – both demonstrated different skills and passions which had the directors with a difficult decision. After working with 3aaa they put together an opportunity for both Chelsey and Courtney to follow a similar path to Cameron and Kane and go through the traineeship route to show off their skills, learn the industry and demonstrate why they should be employed.

After 4 weeks the difficult decision of employing either Chelsey or Courtney become an easy decision with both trainees being offered a Digital Marketing Apprenticeship.

Most recently Colin Wilkinson was interviewing a school leaver, Jake. AS the interview went on is become clear Jake has already been doing some work experience in a similar industry to what Novus work in. It was clear that the first employer to meet Jake was going to employ him, as his maturity and skills exceeded most school leavers and older applicants. After a quick phone call to Novus they agreed to meet Jake that afternoon, and arranged a formal interview the following week.

Jake starts his Traineeship on 29th June and his future, like the other Apprentices, has no limit.