Business Administration

Level 3 Diploma

Our Business Administration Apprenticeship is designed to equip your employee with the fundamentals required to work in a business environment. Throughout your Apprentice's diploma, they will be supported by industry experts who will give them knowledge and skills they can apply in your business environment.

Over this 12 month Apprenticeship, your Business Administrator will become competent with the legal, security and confidentiality requirements in your business, investigate office procedures and achieve planned objectives. We have worked with a number of employers to develop an innovative and exciting course which will benefit your business.

Benefits Of This Apprenticeship

Your Apprentice will:

  • Be able to negotiate with people to achieve planned objectives in your business environment.
  • Understand how to develop and deliver presentations with confidence.
  • Consider the legal, security and confidentiality requirements in your business environment.
  • Learn about the administrative support services.
  • Investigate procedures for managing office resources and workflows.

Possible Job Roles

These are just a few job roles your Business Administrator could fill within your business:
  • Facilities Manager
  • Facilities Co-ordinator
  • Personal Assistant
  • Office Co-ordinator
  • Executive Assistant
  • Support Assistant


The Apprenticeship is designed to last 12 months, with you and your Apprentice having monthly contact with the Business Administration assessor, either through a face-to-face visit or telephone contact. The assessor will guide your Apprentice through the tasks that will allow them to demonstrate competence and develop your specific business processes for increased efficiency and productivity. Your Apprentice's assessor will help them to build an electronic portfolio of evidence to demonstrate the skills and knowledge they have gained.

Appoint a Business Administrator Today

The 3aaa Apprenticeship in Business Administration is designed to give you the skilled workforce your business needs to operate effectively and competitively.

With our Match and Fill recruitment service we will advertise your vacancy, screen applicants and pre-interview potential candidates to ensure you only interview the most appropriate people for your specific role - all free of charge.

We can work with you to source a suitable applicant for your business or you can up-skill your own employees. If the employee is under 19 and your business has less than 50 employees, there will be no cost for the training. If they are over 19 and/or your business has over 50 employees then you will contribute £250 towards the cost of the training for this course.