Professional Accounting/Taxation Technican Apprenticeship

Level 4 Diploma

Our Level 4 Accountancy Technician is at the forefront of developing industry leading accountants. Your Level 4 Accountancy Technician Apprentice will have the responsibility for creating, verifying and reviewing accurate and timely financial information within your organisation which meets relevant ethical, professional and legal standards.

During the programme, your Level 4 Accountancy Technician Apprentice will utilise their knowledge of Accountancy and the processes to keep your business at the forefront of change.

For this Apprenticeship, your Apprentice is given the choice to focus on Accounting or Taxation and will then learn this area in-depth to ensure they are able to effectively specialise in it.

Benefits Of This Apprenticeship

Your Apprentice will:

  • Understand the industries and environments in which your business operates to create and report financial information.
  • Understand and apply professional standards and legal regulations to your businesses' financial information.
  • Effectively use accounting/taxation systems
  • Become comfortable in using a range of managerial skills including drafting financial statements for limited companies and constructing and presenting complex management accounting reports.
  • Have the choice of which area of Accountancy to specialise in, selecting from; tax, auditing, credit management and cash/treasury management.

Possible Job Roles

These are just a few job roles your Professional Accounting/Taxation Technician could fill within your business:
  • Assistant Management Accountant
  • Business and Finance Administrator
  • Expenses Supervisor
  • Commercial Analyst
  • Assistant Financial Accountant
  • Accounts Payable Supervisor
  • Senior Bookkeeper

Industry Recognised Qualification

Our Accounting Technician Apprenticeship combines outstanding classroom training, dedicated workplace mentorship and on-the-job experience to build the necessary skills, knowledge and behaviours to become a highly-competent Accounting professional. This includes industry recognised qualifications from both AAT and SAGE.

Training And Assessment

This Apprenticeship lasts for 15 months, with your Apprentice coming into their local Academy throughout the course. In these sessions, there will be masterclasses by industry experts as well as visits to the workplace every 8-12 weeks.

After completion of the Level 4 Apprenticeship your Apprentice will gain a Level 4 Professional Diploma in Accountancy.

Approved by AAT

Mark Farrar, AAT Chief Executive commented;

“High quality Apprenticeships produce employees who possess the knowledge and skills that employers want and need. In return, individuals gain a formal qualification, work-relevant skills and improved employment prospects. Accounting Apprenticeships are a genuine high-value route to achieving a high-status career. We are delighted to be working with 3aaa Apprenticeships in support of the new accounting standards which have been developed with leading employers, to ensure both the employer and the Apprentice benefit from the valuable experience.”

Appoint an Accountancy Apprentice Today

Hiring an Accountancy Apprentice will support your business accountancy needs, providing both internal and external assistance.

We can work with you to source a suitable applicant for your business or you can up-skill your own employees. If the employee is under 19 and your business has less than 50 employees, there will be no cost for the training. If they are over 19 and/or your business has over 50 employees then you will contribute £900 towards the cost of the training for this course.

For more information about our Accountancy Apprenticeships, please contact one of our Apprenticeship Academies: Birmingham, Bristol, Derby, Guildford, Liverpool, Milton Keynes, Norwich or Watford