October 20th 2015

Rhiannon Barr

Business Administration – 3aaa
“The beauty of Business Administration is that you’re basically the glue that holds everything together and if that isn’t the best feeling ever then I don’t know what is!”

Hi, my name’s Rhiannon and I’m a level 4 Business and Administration Apprentice working in the 3aaas Head Office as an Office Administrator. I’ve been with 3aaa’s for around 4 months now and I’m absolutely loving it! It’s great to work in a company that really cares about its staff and knows its stuff when it comes to taking on an apprentice and I’m always busy with new things to do and experience.

So, a bit about me and my journey to finding 3aaa’s, I left school at 16 and wasn’t sure of what I wanted to do – but knowing that I wanted to continue my education. At my secondary school we were fortunate enough to have a sixth form, so I decided that I’d go there as many of my friends were and study for my A-Levels. I started in September full of motivation for the two years ahead of me, I was going to get my A-Levels and then go to university to study Psychology. However around 6 months in, the motivation I’d felt at the beginning of the year was beginning to subside and boredom was beginning to take its place, the sheer amount of sitting around and listening to my teachers spout information just made me wonder, did I really want to do this for the next 5 years to then come out of the whole process not even having a job? The answer in short was no. But not knowing that there were other options out there, I carried on and forced myself through my first year. I scraped some AS levels, by far not reaching my potential, disappointing not only myself but my teachers and parents (although they’d never say that if you asked them!). It was at this point that I decided things needed to change.

I started looking into other options, but not being able to do an apprenticeship in psychology without a degree – that was out. I then started to look at apprenticeships that would give me a trade, and decided I quite liked the look of Electrical Engineering so I got into contact with another apprenticeship provider that was offering this course. I started a job a few weeks later and knew almost immediately that I wasn’t going to fit in, the employers weren’t sure of the framework I was working to and as a result weren’t giving me the work or support that I needed, it was a disaster. When I eventually left there 7 months later, I was quite lost, not knowing what I wanted to do but still wanting to follow the apprenticeship route. It was then that I found 3aaa’s.

Apprenticeship Begins:

I went in for an interview and discussion about where I wanted to find myself and was taken onto their applicant pool, a few weeks later I received a phone call inviting me in for an interview for a role at their Head Office as their Office Administrator. I wasn’t sure but trusted their judgement on my capabilities and went. Within a week I was offered the role and decided to give it a go – I can honestly say it was the best decision I’ve made so far in my education! I love my job, feel supported and part of the team and I’m now solely responsible for the running of the administrative function, including facilitation of train travel and hotel booking and all of the resource ordering for our academies and Head Office, as well as being a support function to the other departments (with the largest chunk of this being HR). I was recently granted permission to access confidential information in order to be more of a help to them and it really made me feel like I was in a position of trust and responsibility.

Last month I organised the Company Conference for everyone in the business (which is around 400 people now!), this included booking hotels and travel for our employees that lived further afield as well as ensuring that the facility we were using was absolutely perfect. All of this whilst studying for my NVQ means that I’m really busy every day and that’s what I love – always having something that needs to be done.


In the future I’d like to find myself moving into a more senior position, possibly something in HR, I’m a very ambitious person by nature and I’m always looking to take on more responsibility and improve my skills. I feel like I can really do this with 3aaa’s, and I have no one to thank for the ability to do this but them.