October 20th 2015

Lauren Beavis

IT Apprentice – 3aaa

Before I began my incredible journey with 3aaa, I was studying at College in hope of passing my A-Levels to progress onto university. I loved the college lifestyle, even though it wasn’t much different to senior school. Alongside College, I had two-part time jobs which proved to make my study schedule hard to manage, with hope I survived! Once I finished my final exams to progress onto the next stage, I was confused on what to do.

Apprenticeship Begins:

After considering university, I decided it wasn’t the right thing for me. Instead I was looking for work experience (and no debt afterwards). A few of my friends were on apprenticeships, something which I had never thought about doing! After looking into how to get onto an apprenticeship, I came across the company ‘Aspire Achieve Advance’ or 3aaa which my friends knew it as. After applying and getting a place on the IT Level 3 apprenticeship, I also got offered a position working for 3aaa as an IT Apprentice (I couldn’t have been happier).

Now with three jobs (one full time and two-part time), I decided I wanted to focus my best efforts on my apprenticeship and job with 3aaa, so narrowed my work life down to being an IT Apprentice.

Going from having no experience within IT, to today having gained a level 3 qualification, to me is amazing! I have gained so much confidence within a field I had always wanted to progress in.


Still working in IT today, I have progressed onto a Business Admin Level 4 apprenticeship with 3aaa in hope of developing my skills much further in a range of areas. Because of my apprenticeship, I am now a Facilities and Helpdesk Co-ordinator at 3aaa working with a fantastic team.

My dream role now is becoming a Facilities manager! 3aaa have helped me achieve so much, aspire to my future goals and advance to the person I am today.