October 9th 2015

Ellie Dyson

Digital Marketing – 3aaa
“Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing about.”

Before starting 3aaa, I was studying my A-levels at my local sixth form. This was the only option I was fully aware of as we had always been encouraged to go straight into sixth form after finishing school. At sixth form I studied English Language, Media Studies, English Literature, Psychology and General Studies and quickly found that I wasn’t enthused by the learning styles and nature of sixth form. I did have a part-time job at the time and was finding myself working through my study hours to earn money so I could enjoy my weekends and feel a sense of achievement by earning my own money.

Apprenticeship Begins:

Through sixth form we had to apply to university and would be made to use our free time to write our applications, research into university accommodation etc. I was successful in getting the results I needed to get into The University of York, but even when I found out my results, I still wasn’t happy. I was not looking forward to 3 more years of coursework and sitting down learning and this was when I decided to look into Apprenticeships. I knew that it was Marketing that I was interested in so I went onto the internet and searched for ‘Marketing & Social Media Apprenticeships in Derbyshire.’ 3aaa were the first people to come up so I quickly made an online application and waited eagerly.

That same day I had a call from Andy Green at the Derby Academy saying that he had seen my application and would like to invite me in for an interview the next day! I was more excited than nervous and definitely thought that because it was so sudden, this was meant to be. I went into the Derby Academy and was surprised to see a great looking working environment – this was a modern, inviting place to be. In my interview I was asked about my interests, my school life and then I was told about how the Apprenticeship would work. The team were very friendly from the get go and made me feel like I could discuss my ideas for the future. That day I had a call to say that they would love to work with me to find an Employer and get me started on my Digital Marketing Apprenticeship. So I had gone from applying the night before to securing my dream Apprenticeship the next day!

I was first matched with an Employer based a little outside of Derby who has a small team of 4 people who designed websites and needed an Apprentice to help with PR. I had got the job but was told a couple of weeks before hoping to start that the company could no longer take me on due to personal reasons.

My second placement was with my current employer, 3aaa. The Academy manager from Derby had put me forward to go for an interview for a position in the marketing department. At first I was nervous as I knew that they were a big company and would be very fast paced but this is what I enjoyed so I just had to go for it.

The interview went well and now I have just finished my level 3 Apprenticeship. I have loved every minute learning new skills, meeting new people and developing myself as a person. Throughout my time at 3aaa I have developed through a couple of roles and I am now a main head office function for Marketing not just an Apprentice!! Earning and learning at the same time was a massive benefit for me as I enjoy earning my own money whilst learning new skills that will benefit me in the future. People often say that the Apprenticeship wage is low and in some cases I would agree, but in July this year I purchased my first property with my partner and enjoy the benefits of earning a decent wage through working hard.


In the future I would like to carry on developing myself at 3aaa and I would eventually like to have my own Apprentice to share what I’ve learnt and help them through the Apprenticeship. I have now enrolled onto the Level 4 Digital Marketing qualification where I am excited to carry on developing on my skills and learn new things about the ever-changing digital marketing world. 3aaa have not only helped me kickstart my career but have mentored me and enthused me.