March 2nd 2017

Milton Keynes Apprenticeship Academy Host Their First Apprentice Graduation Ceremony

3aaa Apprenticeships’ Milton Keynes Training Academy hosted their first Apprentice Graduation Ceremony on Tuesday 21st February 2017, celebrating the success and achievements of their Apprentices and recognising the commitment of local employers.

The event took place within the Milton Keynes Apprenticeship training academy in Elder House and was attended by past Apprentices who had completed either their Level 3, Level 4 or both qualifications with 3aaa Apprenticeships over the past 4 years of operating.

Amongst attendees was Mark Tomkins, Creative Director at Milton Keynes based creative agency, Aubergine. He commented on the event:

“We searched hard for quality staff members to join the agency and really struggled to find those with the right skill and attitude to embed into our business and came to the decision that we would be better growing our own. Our business is 14 years old now and my recommendation is to take the leap. Hiring Apprentices is one of the best decisions I have made for the growth of my business. It was fantastic to attend this graduation ceremony and see that there are more employers like myself that are reaping the benefits of hiring Apprentices.”

Not only did the ceremony celebrate the completion of 3aaa Apprenticeships in and around Milton Keynes, it also recognised those who went above and beyond in their role as an Apprentice, with Jenny Johnston-Petrou, Associate Database Administrator at CSC being awarded the coveted title of ‘Apprentice of the Year’. She commented on this accolade;

“I am confident that the 3aaa Apprenticeships’ team are there if I have any issues. I know that I can talk to anyone within the team and they will be able to assist me with whatever I need. I am now looking to progress to a higher position within CSC and will continue with my career in Technology. My Apprenticeship opened up many opportunities for me and I like the challenges I face on a daily basis. I was the only girl in my Apprenticeship group, but I am actually progressing a lot quicker than the boys! I love working within the IT industry but I think that more girls should look at it as a career option, it’s not a manly career, it’s great for all!”

You can watch an overview of the event here: